Belgium is Europe’s Pumpkin champion

Belgium reigned supreme at the European Pumpkin championships in Ludwigsburg (Germany) last weekend.  Growers from the Antwerp town of Kasterlee took all three top places.

Mario Van Geel won the championship with a pumpkin weighing 1,013 kilos. Luc Van Heuckelom came second with a pumpkin weighing 979 kilos, while Jan Biermans was third.  His pumpkin only weighed 860 kilos.

Mario Van Geel: “We left for Ludwigsburg in a minivan and trailer.  We had no idea all three of us were going to land the top three places”.

1,013 kilos is a record for Mario.  His pumpkin weighed 1,016 kilos but then he removed it from the plant.  Then it can no longer grow and gradually dries out! The three top places is a boost for the Kasterlee Pumpkin Club.  All three specimens were grown from their seed.

1,013 kilos isn’t a world record.  Belgian Mathias Willemijns set the world record in 2016 with a specimen weighing 1,190.5 kilos.

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