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Major disruption due to North South Link works

Major works have started on the Brussels North South rail link.  The works mean fewer services will be able to run through the North South Link and the timetable and the number of services operating has been changed.  The works will be complete by 11 November.

Several rush hour services have been cancelled or rerouted.  Belgian rail says it’s done everything it can to limit disruption, but the travelling public should check its website before they travel. The rail company chose this period because of the two long holiday weekends.  Services that do operate will be even fuller than usual.

This morning the NMBS put extra staff on its platforms to help passengers.

Rail track operator Infrabel is updating signalling.  Today is the start of the last phase of the works that will be pretty disruptive.

Digital technology is being installed in the approach to the Brussels South Station (Zuid/Midi).  65 signals and 170 points are being updated.

During the weekends of 1 and 11 November there will be no rail travel between Halle and Brussels South. Buses will operate.


The works are intended to make the North South Link safer and more reliable. Existing technology is half a century old and has reached its best before date. The Link is the lynchpin of the Belgian rail network with 1,200 passenger trains using it every day. The new technology is needed to accommodate the European safety system, the ETCS.


Northern and eastern rail routes around the capital exist, but a third of all Belgian rail services use the North South Link that connects North with South, East with West.



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