Nicolas Maeterlinck

Brussels to ban night-time street drinking

The city authorities in Brussels intend to ban street drinking in part of the downtown pedestrianised zone. It is hoped that the ban will serve to address the issues of anti-social behaviour in the area around the former Stock Exchange building.  

The daily ‘De Standaard’ reports that the Mayor of Brussels Philippe Close (Francophone socialist) hopes that the measure will serve to address some of the issues of petty crime and anti-social behaviour that have beset the area around the Stock Exchange building in recent times.

The feeling of insecurity among residents and visitors to the area around the Brussels Stock Exchange is back on the agenda. The Mayor of Brussels Philippe Close told journalists that "We see that without exception the issues are caused by people under the influence of drink, drugs or medication. We intend to address this problem by introducing an alcohol ban”.

The ban will come into force from around the end of the year. Once it has been introduced it will be forbidden to consume alcohol outside in the area around the former Stock Exchange building between midnight and 6am.

The extent of the area covered by the ban has yet to be determined. Anyone caught drinking will be fined 350 euro. The police will carry out systematic checks and confiscate alcoholic drinks where necessary. There will be no ban on the sale of alcohol and people that wish to will still be able to enjoy a beer, a glass wine or a dram inside a bar or on a pavement terrace. 

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