East Fleming takes silver at the World Vegan Cooking Championships

The Sous-Chef of the Hofke van Bazel restaurant at Kruibeke in East Flanders has become the first ever Belgian chef to win a medal at the World Vegan Cooking Championships. Sylvester Schatteman took silver at the championships that were held in the Italian city of Turin. Never before did a Belgian chef win a prize at the competition to find the world’s best vegan chef. In addition to this Sylvester Schatteman also took the prize for “Best vision of and communication about vegetarianism and veganism”.  

The World Vegan Cooking Championships are part of The Vegetarian Chance food festival. Although the festival is dedicated to vegetarian cooking in which dairy products may feature as ingredients those competing were given the task of preparing vegan food completely free of any meat, fish or products that come from animals.

Syvester Schatteman has gone where no other Belgian has gone before taking silver and gaining official recognition as the world’s second best vegan chef.

His colleagues at the Hofke van Bazel in Kruibeke told Radio 2 East Flanders that “This is some nice international recognition for Syvester’s efforts and passion. He has a green version of gastronomy”.

The first prize went to the Japanese chef Ueda Satoru.    

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