Mussel-covered car pulled from the River Schelde

A car that was stolen two years ago has been fished out of the River Schelde.  The wreck became somewhat of a local attraction because during the two years it had been in the water it had been entirely covered by mussels.

The Volkswagen Polo was discovered on the bottom of the River Schelde some while ago, when workers belonging to the Flemish Waterways Authority examined the riverbed with sonar equipment.  This week the vessel was brought to the surface in Ename near Oudenaarde (East Flanders).

The inside of the vehicle was entirely filled with mud, but the body was completely covered in mussels.  For the time being the wreck will remain on the towpath in Ename where it has become a major local attraction for ramblers.   

Prosecutors say that they are aware of the vehicle’s history and that the judicial investigation is at an end.

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