19 wild boar killed in road accident in Heusden-Zolder

19 wild boar have perished after they were hit by cars as they crossed the road in the Bolderberg area of Heusden-Zolder in Limburg Province. The animals were crossing the road in group when they were hit by several cars. It is likely that the motorist hadn’t noticed them early enough to avoid running them over.   

The wild boar were run over at around 1am on Wednesday morning on the Sint-Jobstraat, a road that runs through an area of woodland. The Fire Service took the dead bodies of the 19 wild boar to the Bird and Mammal Reception Centre in Heusden-Zolder. One of the vehicles involving in the collisions was so badly damaged that it had to be towed away.      

The Centre’s Rudi Oyen told VRT News that "The animals died almost instantaneously

"Not at single animal had to be put down. We have covered the bodies up with a sheet at a place within our grounds. Today or tomorrow specialised waste treatment firm will come and collect them and take them away for incineration”.  

Mr Oyen added that what happened wasn’t the motorists’ fault. "They probably didn’t notice the wild boar until it was too late. They have brown and black coats and are difficult to recognise in the dark. They were among a large group of 40 animals. When such a large group crosses over you can hardy avoid hitting them”.  

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