No agreement on increase of the minimum wage

The so-called “Group of Ten” that is made up of representatives of the employs’ federations and the trade unions has failed to reach agreement on raising the level of the minimum wage. Currently the level of the minimum wage in Belgium is set at 1593.81 per month for those working a full 38 hour week. A meeting of the Group of Ten to discuss increasing the minimum wage broke up without agreement on Wednesday morning.

The unions and the employers’ federations were meeting to discuss a number of issues, including the minimum wage. Early this year all parties with the exception of the socialist trade union ABVV agreed that the minimum wage should be increased.

During the new round of talks the socialist trade union continued to oppose the 1.1%  increase as it feels that this is insufficient.  

It is possible that a new round of talks on the minimum could be held next week. 

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