"Crime has no gender": Europol's new "Most Wanted" list for female criminals includes a Belgian

Europol is launching a new Most Wanted list which mainly includes female criminals. The list is part of a campaign called "Crime has no gender", and also includes a Belgian national: Hilde Van Acker from Sint-Niklaas. She was convicted in 2011 for the murder on a British businessman, but is still on the run. 

The website includes 21 criminals, of whom 18 are female. Their faces are hidden behind a mask. You can't see straightaway whether they are male or female, but after a few clicks you find out about their story, and you get to see their faces. It's Europol's way to show that crimes committed by women are often just as serious as the crimes committed by men. 

Tine Hollevoet of Europol says that "the aim is to underline that diversity and gender balance also exist in the world of crime. (...) We want to attract as many visitors as possible, because we know from our experience that this improves the chance of finding the wanted criminals." 

Hilde Van Acker has been on the run since 1996. She killed a British businessman in De Haan with the help from her partner Jean-Claude LaCote. The two were being held behind bars for a while, but were released later on, due to lack of evidence. They next fled to South-Africa, where they may be staying still.  They were convicted in 2011, receiving a life-time sentence. 

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