Archive photograph of the White March in 1996

“Black March” through Brussels on Sunday

On Sunday a march will take place to call for an end to parole being granted to those that abduct, abuse and murder children. The “Black March” is being held 23 years to the day since hundreds of thousands of people took to streets in the “White March”. The White March called for action to be taken to prevent the circumstances that allowed Marc Dutroux and his accomplices to be able to commit offences that resulted in the deaths of two young women and two girls being able to re-occur. The Brussels regional news platform Bruzz reports that now, 23 years later and spurred on by the imminent release on parole of one of Marc Dutroux’s accomplices, Michel Lelièvre, the organisers of the “Black March” want changes to made to the rules on parole that would mean that the likes of Michel Lelièvre and Marc Dutroux would not be eligible for early release under any circumstances.  

On 30 September Marc Dutroux’s accomplice in the abduction of the Limburg teenagers An and two girls from Wallonia Sabine and Laetitia was told that after having served 23 years of his 25 year sentence he is to be eligible for parole.

The organisers of the Black March are deeply unhappy at the prospect of Michel Lelièvre serving the final two years of his sentence on parole and not inside prison.

On their Facebook page the organisers write “This man should never be our neighbour.  We don’t agree with his release. We fear for the safety of our children and our grandchildren”.

Fears that Dutroux could be free in 2021

Those behind Sunday’s demonstration also fear that Marc Dutroux too could be released on parole. Earlier this week lawyers acting on behalf of Marc Dutroux requested new psychiatric reports to assess their client’s current mental state and the chance that he would reoffend. Previously Marc Dutroux’s lawyers had said that their aim to get him released on conditional parole in 2021.

The organisers of the march says that it is now that we need to act in order to prevent Marc Dutroux’s eventual release from custody.

The will set off from Brussels North Station at around 2pm. 

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