Police release CCTV images of Antwerp grenade attack

The Federal Police have release CCTV images of an attack using a hand grenade in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout last month. The attack took place in the early hours of Monday 2 September. The grenade was thrown between two parked cars.  

The CCTV images that the police have also published online show how a cyclist stops in the middle of Guldensporenstraat in Borgerhout before throwing a hand grenade between two cars that were parked at the side of the road. The cyclist is shown careful taking out the hand grenade before removing its pin and throwing it. He is then seen cycling away quickly before it exploded.

The incident happened at around 3:30am.

The explosion damaged 5 cars and the fronts of 3 houses. It is possible that the attack is link to the continuing violence between drug gangs in and around Antwerp.

Anyone with information concerning the identity of the person that threw the grenade is asked to contact the police on the free telephone number 0800 30 300. 

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