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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Brussels

The American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo was in Brussels on Friday for a meeting of the North Atlantic Council. Secretary of State Pompeo brought the Council, that is made up of the ambassadors of all the NATO members, up to speed on “all that the US has achieved” with regard to the Turkish offensive in Syria. The United States and Turkey have made a number of agreements pertaining to the current temporary cease fire in the northeast of Syria. 

On Thursday Secretary of State Pompeo was in Turkey with the US Vice-President Mike Pence for a meeting with the Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan. They the arrangements were agreed for the temporary cease fire in the northeast of Syria.

Mr Pompeo said that he felt it important to call in at NATO on his way home and inform his countries allies about what had been agreed.

Secretary of State Pompeo told journalists that "Our NATO allies are important to the security of the United State”.

He went on to outline what still remains to be done to find a political solution in Syria.

Mr Pompeo said that the United States had been working on plans for a secure zone in northeast Syria for months when President Erdogan called President Trump. Mr Pompeo added that President Trump said straight away that the Turkish invasion was unacceptable.

"Turkey has legitimate security concerns along the border, but this wasn’t the correct way to address them”.

Mr Pompeo also expressed the hope that countries will repatriate their foreign fighters and prosecute them though their legal systems. He added that a number of countries are prepared to do this.

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