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300-meter fence, sensors and a loud alarm used to stop railway jaywalkers

The company in charge of Belgium’s rail infrastructure Infrabel has showed of new technology that is to be used in the battle to prevent jaywalking on the countries railways. It did so in Jambes, near to the Walloon capital Namur. The 300 metre long “intelligent fence”. The fence is a first in Belgium.  

The fence has been installed on both sides of the railway. Sensors are in place every two and a half metres. Thanks to the sensors a camera is able to record any movement and zoom in to anywhere that someone attempts to climb over. The images are forwarded to a control room and a loud alarm is sounded. The system in place in Jambes cost 75,000 euro.     

In Jambes a lot of people cross over the railway line as a short cut into the town centre. A fence had already been fitted, but people just climbed over it. The fence was also the target of persistent vandalism. 

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