Archive photograph of the Al-Hol camp
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Terrorist, IS brides and their children demand 105,000 euro for each day Belgium fails to take them to safety

Another summons has been issued demanding the repatriation of Belgian nationals currently in northern Syria. This time the legal action is being taken on behalf of one IS terrorist, three women that left Belgium to live in the self-proclaimed “caliphate” and ten children. The news first appeared in Monday’s editions of the dailies ‘De Morgen’ and ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’. The case will be heard by a court in Brussels later this week.    

Three jihadi brides and their ten children aged between 6 months and 7 years are currently living in the Al-Hol camp. This is outside the buffer zone currently occupied by Turkish troops. The terrorist Adel Mezroui is currently in the hospital wing of the Kurds’ Al-Hasakah prison.    

Medical reports on the condition of the children show that they are severely mal-nourished and have chronic diarrhoea. One of the male children has had his right arm amputated. The lawyer that will present the case stress that their clients are living in abominable conditions. They are demanding that the Belgian authorities ensure that their clients are taken somewhere safe. This could be Belgium or one of Syria’s neighbours such as Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon.    

The summons demands that the Belgian Government act within 15 days. Failure to do so would lead to the imposition of a penalty payment of 7,500 euro per person, per day with a maximum payment of 1.5 million euro per claimant.   

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