31 Club Brugge supporters detained near to the French border

Ahead of this evening’s Champions League clash with the French side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), 31 Club Brugge supporters have been detained by police near to the Belgian-French border at Aalbeke in West Flanders. Police detained the supporters on Monday after they had travelled to Aalbeke, a village that is part of the city of Kortrijk in order to engage in a pre-planned fight with fans of PSG.   

The 31 Club Brugge supporters had arranged to meet up with PSG fans for a so-called “free fight”. A police spokesman told journalists “The Club Brugge supporters had arranged a ‘free fight’ with supporters of PSG. A the moment that we intervened there were no PSG fans present and thanks to the speedy intervention of the police a fight could be averted”.

When the police arrived most of those present tried to hide in nearby woodland. A tracker dog was used to localise them. They were then identified and detained.  

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