Almost 1 million euro compensation for the victims of the Jewish Museum attack

The two men convicted of the 2014 Brussels Jewish Museum attack Mehdi Nemmouche and Nacer Bendrer have been ordered by the Court of Assis in Brussels to pay the victims of the attack 985,000 euro compensation. The ruling by the Court of Assize was made on Tuesday morning

The French organisation that offers support to victims of terrorism ‘Association Française des Victimes du Terrorisme (AFVT) was a civil party in the compensation claim. However, the court ruled that it should not be granted compensation.  

In March of this year Mehdi Nemmouche was sentenced to life imprisonment for the attack in which four people were killed. His accomplice Nacer Bendrer was given a 15-year prison sentence. The four people killed were an Israeli couple and two museum employees. They were all shot by Mehdi Nemmouche. Nacer Bendrer provided Nemmouche with the weapons used in the attack.   

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