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Belgium and UK in same time zone soon?

Last night the clocks went back and the people of Belgium are once again working and sleeping according to the rhythms of Central European Time (CET) instead of Central European Summer Time (CEST). Fresh research has revealed a large majority of Belgians back plans to dump the twice-yearly ritual. 

Most would prefer to stick to CET all year round, but it’s a bit like Brexit: 45% of Belgians (including this journalist) want to REMAIN on CEST from January to December. The poll among 2,000 Belgians was conducted after the EU decided to abandon the twice-yearly time switch. By 2021 member states must indicate which time zone they want to belong to.

The Belgian prime minister has already made it clear the Benelux three will keep the same time “Come what May”, but there was no mention of a ditch.

Participants in the poll had to respond to twenty questions.

83% of Belgians want to ditch the twice yearly time change.  50% back CET all year round, 45% CEST. Flemings (52%) are the biggest supporters of CET that only gets the backing of 47% of Walloons and 51% of Brusselers.

49% of Walloons want CEST all year round like 43% of Flemings and 42% of Brusselers. Four-fifths of Belgians accept we should stay on the same time as ‘neighbouring countries’ and with CEST this could possibly include post-Brexit Britain.  Having the same time improves communication and exchanges and doesn’t create problems for people and businesses most people accept.

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