Hookah bars: Dilbeek looks at tax on 'Brussels export'

In Dilbeek (Flemish Brabant) the local authorities have refused to issue a licence for a hookah café near a local school.  Dilbeek is not rolling out the red carpet for such establishments.

The Dilbeek authorities say that local people are not eager to see such a bar, especially not near a school. Alderman Luc Deleu (Flemish liberal): “We have no plans to take in export products from Brussels. Apparently it’s getting more and more difficult to get a licence to open a hookah pub in Brussels.  We don’t want to facilitate this in our municipality.”

In order to discourage people from opening hookah pubs in Dilbeek the local authorities are looking at introducing an extra tax.  Similar taxes already exist to discourage the opening of too many night shops.

Luc Deleu: “That worked.  We can refuse to issue a licence, but extra taxes also discourage people.”


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