Brussels on the car-free day.

People generally feel safe in Brussels, but are irritated by litter and traffic 

The Brussels Region presented the results of a first "Prevention and Safety Poll" yesterday. While people generally feel safe, litter and traffic are issues which spark most irritation, De Standaard and the Brussels news website Bruzz report.  

The poll was conducted in 2018 and included 2,400 respondents: 1,800 local residents, 400 commuters and 200 tourists.. 

48 percent of the Brussels people and 45 percent of commuters feel safe in the Brussels Region, 3.5 years after the terrorist attacks in the capital. The rate of people feeling unsafe has been more or less stable over the past 10 years, Jamil Araoud, director-general of "Brussels Prevention and Safety" told a press conference.

This being said, about 10 percent of local residents and commuters "often or always" feel unsafe. 44 percent of local residents admits carrying  "a device" to defend themselves, going from an umbrella to pepper spray. 

People hardly report to the police for a number of facts such as discrimination (2 percent), insults or inappropriate remarks  (5 percent) or intimidation (8 percent). Most of them think it has no use, they are embarrassed or think they won't be taken seriously.  

The issues sparking most irritation are not linked to crime, but to litter and busy traffic, pollution and speeding drivers. A number of deadly accidents due to speeding motorists in Brussels sent a shock wave through the capital over the past year. 

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