Red Panthers in tears after Olympic dream unexpectedly collapses in just a few minutes

The Red Panthers, the Belgian national women's hockey team, has failed to qualify for next years' Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Panthers were in the driving seat, but gave it away in the end: another disappointment after they also narrowly missed the Olympic Games four years ago. 

The Red Panthers had to play a double play-off in and against China to determine who would make it to the Olympic Games. Yesterday, they took it 2-0, and today they controlled the second match for a long time.

However, their performance was poor, and the unthinkable happened 5 minutes from time, when China scored a first time and, shortly afterwards, also a second time: 2-2 overall and shoot-outs.

Belgium had bad shoot-outs and eventually lost to China, which left several players in tears, as they had come so close. 5 minutes from time, it was still 0-0 but then came a complete turnaround.  Four years ago, the Red Panthers had exactly the same shock exit, missing Rio 2016. 

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