Nicolas Maeterlinck

Impact of Brexit is new PM’s top priority

On her first day in the job Belgium’s brand new Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès (Francophone liberal), has said that “to be honest” she feels it’s not going fast enough when it comes to forming a new government after the 26 May poll.

Ms Wilmès, who is married to an Australian and is Belgium’s first woman PM, says it’s important her caretaker administration is soon replaced by a new government with full powers.  “It’s important we talk about policy” she says.

Ms Wilmès praises the work of the two men paving the way for the formation talks proper but insists an outcome that is positive for all is needed.

“Work should progress more quickly.  More talks are needed between the PS and the N-VA, but also with other parties.”

Ms Wilmès concedes that at the minute nobody knows which parties will form the new federal team. “First we must talk about a project and then decide who can join in.”

Belgium’s new premier admits heading a caretaker administration isn’t easy, but she is there to ensure continuity. Ms Wilmès is busy with her dossiers, the most important one at the minute is Brexit!

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