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Container of Death: “400 Vietnamese applied for EU visa”

Thirty-four Vietnamese who were travelling in Europe are currently missing says Fleming Jan Segers, who lives in Vietnam.  Their relatives are being asked to provide DNA samples or photos.  English police hope that this will help to establish whether any of the 34 were found dead in a container that had been shipped from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Jan Segers, who is president of the Belgian-Luxembourg chamber of commerce in Vietnam, says that the tragedy is being discussed on social media and in the TV news.

“English police have asked relatives to provide DNA and photos, but that doesn’t mean the 34 were all in the refrigerated lorry involved in this tragedy.  It’s believed there was a convoy of three lorries and that not all 39 bodies in the container belong to Vietnamese nationals. Nobody knows at the minute.”

Jan Segers says it’s quite regular that Vietnamese people want to go to Europe: “An article appeared in the newspaper about the province where the missing come from.  400 people requested a visa for Europe and have gone or are still to leave for Europe.”

Many Vietnamese obtain visas from fake travel agencies.  When they arrive they disappear under the radar.

“Either they travel to England illegally or stay in the EU with a labour contract.  A lot of cash is borrowed to fund trips: between 10,000 and 30,000 euros.”

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