Skeletons found under school floor

Imagine the consternation at a secondary school in Deinze (East Flanders) when seven human skeletons were discovered under the floor.  Fortunately they date from the 16th or 17th century and no foul play is suspected.


The seven skeletons were discovered during an archaeological dig held as the school that is undergoing refurbishment. Before a new-build can go up the soil needs to be thoroughly inspected.

The Leiepoort School’s Han Steyaert explains: “A chapel used to stand on this site.  It was connected to a hospital and the thinking is that these are the remains of people who died in the 16th and 17th centuries”.

Other valuable artefacts were also discovered including an amphora.  After the dig the school will be able to decide what happens with all these artefacts.

Teachers at the school are now coming to terms with the thought that for decades they taught lessons above human skeletons.  “It was quite a shock for the pupils too.  There was an awful lot of commotion when the skeletons were found last Thursday.  It’s not something that happens every day” explains Han Steyaert.

“As the find is an interesting one pupils were given a tour of the site as well as information from the people involved in the dig.”  

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