Fraudster uses new trick to con people out of money

A gentleman from Nieuwpoort has been defrauded to the tune of 750 euros after using a second hand website to try and sell a motorbike helmet.

Fraud is a risk on second hand websites.  Today more and more people are being defrauded using a verification technique.

A buyer appeared for the helmet, but claimed he had been defrauded in the past.  To prove the seller was bona fide the buyer asked the seller to click on a link and transfer one euro cent.  In order to do this the seller was obliged to punch in two codes generated by his card reader.  This allowed the conman, who was still posing as a buyer, to get hold of the seller’s bank information and defraud him to the tune of 750 euros.

Police warn against this verification trick and urge people not to divulge sensitive bank information.  Always report a crime and get your bank to block your card.

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