Rail services heavily disrupted for six days: check carefully whether your train is going 

Works at the Brussels rail infrastructure at the South Station (Midi) are entering a second phase, in which more rail services will be disrupted during the Bank Holiday weekends of 1-3 November and 9-11 November.  Check the Belgian Rail app or the website before you leave!

The rail infrastructure works started on 14 October and have reached their third week now, but it's not over yet. On the contrary, the works will have the biggest impact this weekend (which starts tomorrow on All Saints' Day) and the weekend after that, which ends on Armistice Day, on Monday 11 November. 

The company responsible for rail infrastructure, Infrabel, is carrying out engineering works on the points and signalling systems. As a result, capacity in the Brussels rail tunnels, a traditional bottleneck for trains passing through the capital, will be reduced. There was no other option than to scrap certain services. 

Whereas mostly the extra commuter trains were affected so far, also 'normal' rail services are being disrupted now. Only a small number of trains will pass Brussels South; other trains will be diverted north of the capital to go via Schaarbeek. Infrabel says that the two long weekends were chosen because then the overall impact would be the smallest. 

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