"Game of Thrones" makers were eying Beersel Castle, but Mayor had to refuse

The municipality of Beersel, in Flemish Brabant, received a request from the makers of the series "Game of Thrones" two years ago, but had to disappoint them, our regional radio station Radio 2 reports.  

The creators apparently wanted to shoot a promotion movie in Beersel's iconic castle just south-west of Brussels, Beersel Mayor Hugo Vandaele confirms. The castle grounds would be the venue for this trailer, but it never happened because the Beersel municipality ruled against the idea. 

Mr Vandaele says that safety issues were to blame, and that he had to refuse after taking soundings from the fire services. There were different reasons, he explains: "There is only one emergency exit in the castle, much of the shooting would take place at night and the castle is actually a kind of ruin. Safety standards were not being met and I had no other choice than to follow the advice given."

The origins of the water castle go back to the 14th century, but the present buildings go back to the 15th. It was in a bad way in the 19th century but was restored over the past decade. It was also highlighted in an album of the famous Willy and Wanda series "The Treasure of Beersel". 

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