Student society triggers outrage with homophobic and racist slurs

An activity, described as a “politically incorrect faculty evening” organised by a student group at Leuven University is causing quite a stir. During the activity homophobic and racist slogans were displayed.

Student society Eoos groups students of literature and regional studies at the Roman Catholic University.  Placards displayed claimed that being gay was a “choice”, being transgender was “hype”. It was “fine” that people had come here, but that those who hadn’t should “stay in their own country”.

Leuven University’s independent diversity platform Undivided has castigated this language. On its Facebook page it wrote: “Last night, Kring Eoos organized a racist ‘Politically Incorrect evening’ at the Fakbar Letteren. They decorated the bar with racist, homophobic and transphobic quotes and offensive memes…”

Afterwards Eoos responded by saying the association doesn’t want to propagate the views expressed and apologised.  The society points out that it encourages inclusivity and that the views displayed were intended to counter claims that the society was too politically correct.

Eoos says it wanted to show how ridiculous such views, which you often read, are.  The society concedes that some of the utterances were hurtful and apologises.

“We are not seeking to make any excuses and do not want to dismiss this as a joke. We try to make everybody welcome at our faculty evenings. We appreciate that here we achieved the opposite.”


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