“If politicians can’t sort it, let others do the job!”

Joachim Coens, the CEO of the port of Zeebrugge and one of the contenders to lead the Flemish Christian democrat party, is calling for the formation of a government of technocrats, if political parties in this country fail to form a new federal government by 6 December, the feast of St Nicholas.

Mr Coens believes that a government of technocrats could form an alternative and help to lead Belgium out of its political impasse.  The new government would have a limited programme and consist of technocratic experts.

It was on 26 May that Belgians went to the polls to elect a new federal government.  Belgium’s two leading parties, the Flemish nationalists of N-VA and the Francophone socialists of PS, have been in contact but formal coalition talks have failed to materialise so far.

In conversation with VRT News Mr Coens draws his conclusions: “If political parties are incompetent and unable to form a government together, let others sort it!  Quickly form a government of experts, a business cabinet.”

“The last government spoke of a one billion euro deficit in the 2020 budget.  This now threatens to become 12 billion.  You can’t call this serious.”

“Which citizen, which company is willing to put his fate in people who refuse to take decisions and work together? The country needs a government, a budget worthy of the name.  If the parties can’t manage it, let others sort it!”

A government of experts should sort the budget, focus on social security and a number of tax measures.  In parallel the regions could discuss state reforms.  Mr Coens cites Italy as an example where in 2011 Mario Monti led a cabinet of technocrats.

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