Essex tragedy: focus on migrants stowing away to the UK

Since the discovery of 39 bodies in a trailer that had been shipped to England from Zeebrugge the focus is on migrants attempting to make their way to the UK illegally.  Police detained 28 migrants at Antwerp Berchem Station last Monday, while a further twelve were taken out of a refrigerated lorry elsewhere in Antwerp province last Wednesday. Near the Flemish coast, a favoured destination for illegal migrants eager to hitch a ride to the UK, too people are on the alert.

In the course of last week a group of migrants were discovered on a lorry trailer.  The lorry was stopped in Diksmuide (West Flanders) but had commenced its journey in the Walloon capital Namur, some 200 kilometres away. Local police note that the lorry had made a stop at motorway services in Jabbeke (West Flanders).  It is here that the migrants are suspected of ripping open the sheeting covering the trailer in order to board.

It was the transport company that alerted the police, but by the time our lads in blue attended the scene the migrants had absconded.  Fortunately, police were able to detain all seven migrants later on.  The five men and two women from Eritrea were taken to Diksmuide police station.  Six of the migrants claimed they were minors.

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