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Irish conman arrested at motorway services at long last

Police have made a breakthrough in the case of the Irish confidence trickster who has been conning unsuspecting motorists out of cash at motorway services in East Flanders for some considerable time.  An Irish national resident in the UK was arrested at Drongen motorway services (East Flanders) last week.

Police have been searching for this individual since 2017.  He goes up to people on motorway carparks and claims he’s been the victim of a theft in Brussels.  He says he has no cash and asks people to lend him some money to allow him to get back to the UK.  Many unsuspecting motorists have been taken in by this well-versed conman.  He even takes a picture of their bankcard promising to repay the money, but the money never arrives.

East Flemish police warn that this isn’t the first instance of Irish nationals trying to con people in this way. Often children and even pregnant women are employed to give credence to their story.

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