4 metre python escapes in Veurne

Fire-fighters in the West Flemish wilds of Veurne received an unusual call-out.  They were asked to help return an escaped python snake to its terrarium after the dangerous snake’s owner noticed that it had disappeared.

The python sebae was being kept in a terrarium in somebody’s living room but managed to escape. The Veurne specimen measures 4 metres and weighs 40 kilos.  This type of snake is known for its aggressive behaviour. The owner turned out to be so afraid to approach the snake that he preferred to call the local fire brigade.

Fire-fighters appeared at the scene with special equipment including a special stick designed to pick up the snake by its head. Fire-fighters were eager to put into practice all the knowledge that they had garnered at a recent dedicated training course at the serpent house in Blankenberge. Unfortunately, the snake, whose name has not been divulged, had had second thoughts about its jaunt and had returned to its terrarium of its own accord. The snake clearly thought it was snugger there, under the lamp, than in the living room proper.

The python sebae is an endangered species.  In Africa it is hunted for its meat that is seen as a delicacy, while its skin is used as snake leather.

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