European recognition for unique beef from West Flanders

Meat from Belgian Red Cattle that come from West Flanders has been given recognised regional produce status by the European Union. The meat’s status as recognised regional produce only applies to beef from Belgian Red Cattle that were born, raised and slaughtered in West Flanders. 

The Protected Designation of Origin status was awarded to the meat on Monday. The butcher Hendrik Dierendonck has shops in Koksijde (West Flanders) and Brussels and has long promoted meat from Belgian Red Cattle raised in West Flanders. He told the VRT that "My Dad started using them a long time ago. We were so enthusiastic that we decided to put the breed back on the map”.  

The butcher got help from well-known chefs such as Peter Goossens and Sergio Herman. Together they invested time and effort in working towards gaining Protected Designation of Origin for meat from Belgian Red Cattle from West Flanders.   

Now the meat joins a list of regional produce that includes Parma ham and Bresse chicken. 

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