Attempted murder investigation opened after incident in busy metro station

A 51-year-old woman has been detained after an incident in one of Brussels’ busiest metro stations on Tuesday afternoon. The Brussels Judicial Authorities have opened a preliminary attempted murder investigation after the woman tried to push another woman, aged 68, under a tram. Thanks to the quick reflexes of the tram driver, who carried out an emergency stop, the victim escaped injury.  

The incident followed a row between the two women on the platform of the underground tram section of De Brouckere metro station. The 51-year-old woman push her 68-year-old victim from the platform onto the track.   

The Judicial Authorities Spokesman Dennis Goeman told the Brussels regional news site Bruzz that “The driver was able to make an emergency stop coming to a halt just metres from the victims. The victim escaped in time, but was in shock. This could have ended badly”.    

The 68-year-old victim was not injured. Her 51-year-old assailant already has a criminal record for violent offence.   

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