Japanese knotweed faces electrocution

In Lier (Antwerp Province) the city fathers intend to unleash a brand new technique to combat the advance of Japanese knotweed.  This exotic plant is displacing indigenous species in a particularly aggressive fashion. In future Japanese knotweed will be electrocuted in Lier.

Japanese knotweed is easily recognised by its large green leaves and white flowers.  It forms a serious threat to indigenous flora as it displaces home grown plant varieties. The weed is of little benefit to insects or other animals.

Alderman Bert Wollants says the electrocution technique has been tried and tested in the Netherlands.  In order to root out this weed a high voltage shock is run through the knotweed. 

“The plants contain a lot of fluid.  Electrocute the plant and its cells will burst and it will eventually die.”

Lier claims that this procedure is more environmentally-friendly than using poison.

A first pilot project is underway at several locations across the town.  If successful it will be rolled out.

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