Conner Rousseau is the new leader of the Flemish Socialist Party

26-year-old Conner Rousseau has become the youngest leader of any Flemish party. The East Fleming gained a majority of 72% of the votes in the first round of the plebiscite of party members to elect a new leader. Mr Rousseau’s opponents were Hannes De Reu and Christ’l Van der Paal.   

Conner Rousseau celebrates his 27th birthday next week and as such is the youngest person ever to lead a Flemish political party. The Flemish Socialists’ new Deputy Leader Fundu Oru was Conner Rousseau’s running mate.  

The new leader will have the difficult task of attempting to put the party back on the map again.

Conner Rouseau’s opponents in the leadership race Christ'l Van der Paal and Hannes De Reu polled 16% and 11% of the votes respectively.

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