Alleged rape at Bruges care home

The police and the Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation into an alleged rape of a woman at a care home in Assebroek, near Bruges. News of the alleged incident appears in Saturday edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. 

The Head of the authority that runs the care home Pablo Annys has confirmed that an investigation is currently under way. Mr Annys said “At the beginning of the week a woman suffering from mild dementia told us that she had been raped. We contacted the police straight away and sought help for the woman. She has received assistance from victim support. In addition to this our geriatric psychologists has been offering help and support to the woman’s family and our staff”.

Mr Annys refused to give any further details. “I can’t communicate any further about the circumstances. It is now up to the Judicial Authorities to investigate the case. I am certain that they are taking the case seriously. They have taken away images from all our CCTV cameras”.

It is still unclear whether the alleged rapist is a resident of the care home, a member of staff or someone from outside. The home has taken measures to up security. "We are an open house, but we are now going to more strictly observe our closing times in order to present any unwanted guests from coming in", Mr Annys concluded. 

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