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Belgium will fall behind by putting off 5G rollout says Samsung boss

The Head of the South Korean technology company Samsung’s Benelux operation Menno van den Berg has told VRT News the Belgian authorities are failing to do enough to ensure the rollout of a 5G mobile digital data network in the country. Speaking on VRT News’ weekly economic affairs programme ‘De markt’, Mr Menno van den berg said that the current situation regarding 5G in Belgium is “deeply regrettable”.

5G is the new generation of mobile data technology. It can be used for example to allow self-driving cars to communicate with each other as well as for a host of other applications. .

Currently those of us with smartphones mostly log in to a 4G data network when we are out of range of Wi-Fi. 4G is a fast data network that allows is to look at texts, photos and films via the worldwide web. Quick as 4G is, 5G mobile internet is 100 times quicker. The system is already in use in the United States and in South Korea. However, Belgium is lagging behind.

5G allows piece of apparatus to communicate each other almost instantaneously and this brings with it a number of advantages.  

Samsung’s Menno van den Berg told ‘De markt’ “We are currently in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution with great technological developments. 5G is a part of this”. Mr van den Berg had been invited as a guest in ‘De Markt’ to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Samsung in 1969.

"A lot of things will be developed for 5G, things that we don’t even know about yet. However, companies aren’t going to bother developing things if they can’t market them. In Belgium and The Netherlands were are in a position of wait and see and this is deeply regrettable. Putting it off you will ending being behind and that’s a thing for any country”, Menno van den Berg added. 

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