“Ducks dying of stress after animal activists’ raid”

The owner of a foie gras business in Bekegem (West Flanders) has called in the media.  He says that after animal activists broke into his company for a protest over 180 ducks have died as a result of stress.

Last Saturday a group of around forty protesters from Animal Resistance targeted Filip Callemyn’s business.  They said they were protesting against practices of animal abuse and demanded to see animal welfare minister Weyts.

Mr Callemeyn points out that ducks are very susceptible to stress.  He claims the animals are now in shock after the noisy visit by the animal rights activists all dressed in white overalls and brandishing smartphone cameras. “The ducks experienced this as a tremendously threatening situation that went on for quite some considerable time.  Some of the activists wanted to stroke the ducks.  I immediately knew the animals were lost and, look, 180 have already died.”

Mr Callemeyn accuses Animal Resistance of a publicity stunt.  The protest had little purpose as the industry is being phased out.

Animal resistance has rejected all responsibility for the deaths. “The animals were already ill and were being kept in dreadful conditions… We acted calmly and were accompanied by a vet.”

The organisation points to an old practice among animal breeders who try to get the public at large to believe that activists are to blame instead of the people who should be responsible for their daily welfare.

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