Cannabis farm dismantled after tip-off from suspicious neighbours 

Two people are under arrest after police in Puurs-Sint-Amands (Antwerp) discovered a cannabis farm with no fewer than 700 plants.  Police were working on a tip off from neighbours.

Several neighbours had confided to the police their suspicions about the goings on at the premises.  Police convinced a magistrate to grant the order for a house search and detectives hit the jackpot.

Two individuals present at the cannabis farm, aged 23 and 29, both from Antwerp, were detained at the scene.  Later their arrest was confirmed by an examining magistrate.

At the premises detectives discovered a chicken run that contained a trap door leading to a cellar where 700 cannabis plants were thriving.

Growing and dealing in cannabis are illegal in Belgium, though no prosecutions are made for possession of small amounts for personal use if you don’t cause a nuisance.

(archive photo)

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