Nicolas Maeterlinck

Ghent University campus stinking to High Heaven

Lessons at the Blandijn campus of Ghent University are being hampered by a nasty smell.  The main auditorium has had to be closed due to the stench. 

Still, Ghent University is determined that lessons will proceed.  Students are being taught elsewhere for the time being. Students complain that the building now smells of cheese or conjures up the joy of a changing room at secondary school. Others speak of pongy washing up water and sweaty feet.

The stench started last Tuesday and may be linked to a stink bomb.   Bright lads at the university called in the fire brigade when the first reports of the nasty smell surfaced. “We wanted to exclude this had anything to do with dangerous substances.  That wasn’t the case.  Now we are trying to get rid of the smell by ventilating and cleaning” said an official.

No traces of a stink bomb have been found but the hot money is on butyric acid.  It’s a substance that takes its time to evaporate. The stench could trouble the building for several weeks.

Several students believe the nasty smell is the result of a student hazing.  Others think a meeting of right wing students attracted the attention of leftists, who planted the stink bomb.  As this seems to have happened near the ventilation system the whole building has been affected.

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