Anuna De Wever can’t get back to Europe on time

Climate activist Anuna De Wever won’t be able to reach the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid after all.  Ms De Wever, who was one of the champions of the Youth for Climate protests in Belgium, is stuck in South America and won’t be able to get to the conference’s new venue in time.

The venue of the conference was supposed to be in Chile, but was changed to Madrid at very short notice.  By the time the venue change became public Ms De Wever had already set off for South America on a sailing ship together with other Flemish climate activists.  An opportunity to turn back there was not.  Ms De Wever planned to travel to Chile in an ecologically appropriate fashion, but can’t get back to Europe in the same way in time.

It’s not all bad news.  Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, who started the school strikes for climate action, will make it to Madrid on time for the COP25 conference.  She posted on Instagram that she is hitching a lift on a couple’s fast yacht.

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