Stamp on your letter to Saint Nicholas “isn’t necessary”!

It’s that time of year again.  Flemish children are eager to send a letter to Saint Nicholas telling the good saint what presents they would like.  The feast of Saint Nicholas, 6 December, is approaching fast, so Belgium’s semi-public post office Bpost has put grease to its elbow and has opened Saint Nicholas’s office, a special secretariat that deals with the letters sent to this saintly figure by Belgian children and other young adults.

Everybody who sends a letter or drawing will get a reply.  Last year Saint Nicholas sent out 300,000 replies!  All letters sent by 29 November will get a reply by 6 December at the latest. If you need to get anything off your chest, don’t forget to include your own address.  Saint Nicholas may be holy, he hasn’t got second sight. A postage stamp on your letter to Saint Nicholas isn’t necessary!

In the run-up to Saint Nicholas’s Day 2,000 post boxes will be kitted out with a special St Nicholas uniform.  Your letters are eagerly awaited at Saint Nicholas, Spain Street 1, 0612 Heaven.

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