Five apprehended in police action against burglaries

Police in East Flanders staged a large-scale action yesterday evening to step up the fight against burglaries. Five people were apprehended and over 100 police tickets were written.

Tickets were written for illegal arms, drugs possession and suspicious acts among other things. Police officers also discovered knives, a baseball bat and a stolen bicycle in the cars they were checking. 

The targeted road checks were held in several places across East Flanders, after dusk. They involved 170 police officers, who enjoyed technical support of ANPR cameras. These checked about 14,000 number plates of cars, to see whether there were any problems (concerning insurance, or people being wanted as part of a criminal investigation etc.) Police were particularly looking for tools to make a burglary succeed. 

850 cars were stopped, 500 people were being checked. Police switched to a different location each after half hour or 45 minutes, as the news (and the locations of the checks) was spreading quickly on social media. 

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