Flemish artists cover 60 percent of their art works to protest against the culture budget cuts

A couple of hundred artists have shared a photo or video showing art that has been covered for 60 percent. Their action is part of a protest against the fresh cuts that have announced by the Flemish PM and Culture Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist). 

The Flemish government decided to slash subsidies for culture projects by 60 percent. State of the Arts, the driving force behind this protest, argues that "the government is taking away 60 percent of culture and future cultural heritage" in this way. 

The photos were shared under the hashtag #thisisourculture. The works were covered by a yellow blank, as the colour of the N-VA is yellow.

"The culture that we love today, hasn't just come from nothing. Each artist needs/needed the chance to experiment and to develop. They often got this chance by project subsidies" , State of the Art argues. Yesterday, Mr Jambon told the cultural sector that the amount of cuts will be maintained, but that he would be willing to consider an alternative choice. 

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