'How to save a sheep' instruction video is a major hit

A Flemish vet has posted a video on social media about what you should do when a sheep is lying helplessly on its back. His post has been viewed about 400,000 times. 

If you go hiking in the fields, you may see a sheep lying helplessly on its back. It may look funny, but in fact it's a serious situation and the sheep will need your help to get back on its feet - otherwise it may pass away. However, only use the right technique to help the animal, as this is crucial. 

Don't 'roll' the sheep

When a sheep is lying on its back too long, it may suffocate because the gases inside its bowels can't escape, and these will build up the pressure on the lungs. However, if you decide to help, don't just roll it on its side: its intestines may get blocked as a result, and the animal may die. 

Instead, take a position behind its head, take hold of its front paws and gently pull the animal up until its sitting on its bump. Leave the sheep some time to recover, as the blood circulation must get back to normal. When the animal is okay, let it bend forward and let it go. Vet Niels Calle (Curavita) has compiled a video on how to do it. It has been watched 400,000 times in just a couple of days, our colleagues of the regional radio station Radio 2 report. 

Watch Niels Calle's movie here:

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