Training and coaching budgets for businesses trimmed

The Flemish government has announced budget reductions worth 23 million euros that will focus on training and coaching programmes for small and middle-sized companies. The cuts were announced by the Flemish Employment Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat). 

TIt's not only the cultural sector which is being hit. Businesses will also have to cope with fewer subsidies for coaching and training programmes. The cuts will mostly be felt by small and middel-sized companies (KMO's). Those at the helm of a company are now using the subsidies for training programmes, or when they need advice themselves, e.g. in the area of communication.

The businesses will still be able to apply for subsidies, but the maximum amount will be lowered. Ms Crevits underlines that "we have taken soundings from the sector, and we saw that companies often didn't reach the maximum anyway. I also want to stress the fact that we don't reduce the budget for innovation."

Still, the organisation for the self-employed, UNIZO, is not really happy. "Just like employees, employers need to learn new things their whole career. Some will lack the incentive now." 

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