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Charlotte De Witte treats fans to a techno party in the Sportpaleis: "My life is all about music now"

The Belgian top DJ Charlotte De Witte is hot. Last night, the 27-year-old had a 3-hour pounding techno performance in Antwerp's Sportpaleis, to the delight of the fans. Thousands of them had flocked to the site to be part of the event. 

Charlotte De Witte, who has a programme on BBC radio and also on Studio Brussels, came to the limelight only 5 years ago, but made a spectacular career since then. For a Belgian artist, being able to play in the Sportpaleis, is one of the most prestigious things. "Five years ago, I never saw this coming, but here we are for the second time," she told the VRT. 

De Witte was a little bit nervous: "I am very excited, because this is so big! We don't have that many techno events in Belgium, and this is my own concept." There will be no such thing as a slow build-up, she said before the event: "We will go fast from the beginning." 

Charlotte De WItte, a female top DJ in a world still dominated by men, says her life changed a lot over the past five years: "The past three years, I started touring across the world. I am not at home a lot nowadays, sometimes I play in different countries in one weekend. This is my life for the moment: I wake up with my music and I go to sleep with it. Over the past year, things have really moved forward a lot. It's fantastic." De Witte invited some guests to perform at her show, including Britain's Imogen. 

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