Tom Van Grieken re-elected as Vlaams Belang leader with 97.4 percent of the votes

Tom Van Grieken has been re-elected as leader of the far-right party Vlaams Belang. He fetched 97.4 percent of the votes. Van Grieken was the only candidate for the position. 

Van Grieken has been at the helm of Vlaams Belang since 2014, when he became the youngest party leader in Flemish political history, at a time when Vlaams Belang was in dire straits. However, Van Grieken brushed up the party's image, with Vlaams Belang (the former Vlaams Blok) becoming one of the big winners in May's general election as traditional parties such as the socialists, liberals or Christian democrats failed.

Vlaams Belang was ousted from the Flemish coalition talks by the other parties due to its far-right agenda. 

Speaking after his victory, Van Grieken told the crowd that Vlaams Belang has the ambition to become the biggest party in Flanders in 2024, which would automatically mean they can take the initiative for the coalition talks.

This year, Vlaams Belang and the Flemish nationalists of N-VA did not have a majority together, but this may change in 2024, Vlaams Belang supporters hope. 

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