15 drug traffickers together sentenced to 64.5 years in prison

The Criminal Court of Leuven (Flemish Brabant) sentenced on Tuesday the fifteen members of a large drug trafficking gang to a total of 64.5 years in prison. The leading figure of this organisation has been given ten-year sentence. Trafficking in cocaine and cannabis had been exposed by an undercover agent in the area.

The gang imported cocaine from South America to the port of Antwerp and provided all the ingredients needed to grow cannabis plants in a store located in Tremelo, Flemish Brabant.

The activities ended in May 2018 after a year and a half of undercover work by Agent "Dirk". The defence, which had pleaded that the criminal file was inadmissible, requested that the officer in question be heard.

However, the court did not respond favourably to this request. Together, the fifteen traffickers are sentenced to a total of 64.5 years in prison.

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