Nicolas Maeterlinck

The number of drunk drivers in week nights is 3 times higher than 10 years ago

The number of drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol during week nights is worryingly high, warns the Belgian Institute for road safety Vias.

Let’s start with positive news: an alcohol check by the local and federal police on more than 6,100 drivers has shown that just under 2% drove under the influence of alcohol. This is the lowest number since the start of the measurements in 2003.

In comparison: during the previous measurement in 2015, the percentage was still 2.7%. "The vast majority of the population has thus fully understood that there are dangers when you drink and drive," says the Belgian Institute for road safety Vias.

However, the institute adds that there is hardly any evolution in the long term although the result shows a declining trend. What is particularly striking is that the percentage of drunk drivers is also frighteningly high during the week nights: 10.7% of drivers drank too much during the week nights. During the weekend nights it is 12.6%."That is 9 times more than in the Netherlands, for example," says Vias.

The most worrying finding is that the percentage of positive drivers during week nights is three times higher than ten years ago.

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