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“Belgian IS widows must serve their sentence”

Belgium is seeking the extradition of two Belgian women, widows of fighters belonging to the Islamic State group.  The Belgian authorities are awaiting confirmation from Turkey that the two women have been detained in order to launch the extradition procedure.

The two women and their children are believed to have crossed the Syrian-Turkish border.  They travelled from the Ain Issa prison camp where they were being held.

Tatiana Wielandt (27) and Bouchra Abouallal (26) and their six children are currently believed to be in Turkey where they are awaiting a decision on their future.  Belgian federal prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt: “When the Turkish authorities notify us that the women are detained in Turkey we will request their extradition. Both women are Belgian nationals and are on the Interpol wanted list.”

Belgian prosecutors are unwilling or unable to provide further information.  It’s unclear where the women are and how they arrived in Turkey.

The two women were convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for participation in the activities of a terrorist organisation.  Belgian prosecutors want them to serve their sentence.

What will happen with the children is less clear.  Wil they too return to Belgium?  Children under the age of 10 have the right to return or come to Belgium.  Now they are in Turkey and no longer in Syria it will be easier for the authorities to make arrangements for their repatriation.

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